Reach Quorum For Your Next Annual Meeting, Guaranteed

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You supply your voting members’ email addresses.
Members vote or vote their proxy online in seconds.

We take care of everything in between.


We create your online ballot and email your members their secure voting link (no login required)

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Members vote for/against measures and elect board members in seconds (click, vote, done)

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You focus on preparing for your meeting (instead of chasing last-minute votes and stressing about reaching a quorum)

When it’s this easy for members to vote, they do.

That’s why we guarantee a quorum or you don’t pay.

(our success rate is 100%)

Laura Selanders Photo@2x

Our members are some of the biggest brands - they're busy people. Making it easy for them to vote was essential. Removing the time and stress of collecting ballots for us was a no-brainer. Total win-win.

Laura Selanders
President, Canadian Electrical Stewardship Association

"We have low turnout at our annual meetings, and getting proxies from our members is like pulling teeth!"

Your members want to vote, but they don’t want to:


Hunt for their AGM package


Thumb through a stack of papers


Fill out a physical form


Scan or photocopy their completed form


Send it back via email or post

And you don’t want to manually log votes as they trickle in, only to discover that you won’t reach a quorum on time unless your team chases down votes.

You're busy! You have more important things to do like preparing for your meeting and everything else going on in your association.

How ReachQuorum works

Reach Quorum is proprietary software built for associations
backed by a dedicated team

Supply a list of voting members

We send you a simple template to populate with your voting members’ contact information. Once you share it with us, your work is done.

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We customize your ballot to match your process

Your online ballot includes your association’s quorum requirements, any items to be voted on, and specific members as proxy presets.

We email your members their voting link

Each voting member receives a short email with a secure link to their online ballot. Members vote in seconds, no login required. Friendly reminders are sent to those who have yet to vote greatly reducing the time it takes to reach your goal.

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No duplicate votes

After a member votes, their ballot is locked to prevent duplicates. They receive a receipt that includes the details of their vote and confirmation that their submission was successful.

Audit Trail

Every vote is recorded, time-stamped along with an IP address. The full record of voting can be provided or simply a table of voting results as your bylaws permit.

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Your members do everything online. They expect to vote online, too. See how we make voting online quick and easy for your members.

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It's easy for our members - click, vote, done. And not having to chase members for ballots ... we got days of productivity back at a very busy time of year for us.

Katie Walmsley
President, Portfolio Management Association of Canada

Common questions

Where is the * next to your guarantee?

There isn’t one. When you let us do what we do, we guarantee you’ll reach a quorum or you don’t pay (we have never issued a refund).

Can Reach Quorum manage online voting and elections in addition to proxy voting?

Yes. In addition to proxy votes, members can vote directly For/Against/Abstain and Yes/No on specific items and board elections along with other situations where a vote of a board or membership is required.

Who writes the emails containing a link to the ballot?

We do! We’ve tested the subject lines and messages that get the best response from association members. Then, we personalize the emails by pulling in your members’ names, company name, and a personal ballot link. However, these are your members, so you will have an opportunity to review emails before they are sent.

What makes Reach Quorum different than consulting firms that do the same thing?

The work required to reach a quorum or conduct a vote isn’t rocket science — it’s just time-consuming and tedious for both you and your members. This is the type of work our proprietary platform is great at. Our process respects your time and structured so we get everything we need to run with your vote. This results in lower costs and higher voter participation for associations like yours.

Can Reach Quorum handle annual meeting notice and package distribution?

We'll provide all the guidance you'll need to make your documents accessible to your members online.

When it comes to audit reports, we have strict rules about what we can and can’t see — can you accommodate this?

We can. For example, some associations may only be allowed to see how many ballots have been submitted and ballot measure results, not how specific members voted. Whatever the case, we can accommodate your process.

What can members vote on with an online ballot?

Members can vote on specific measures, elect new board members, and vote their proxy vote in seconds. The only things you and your members lose by going digital is the inconvenience and stress.

Can’t I just use an online form tool to create my ballot?

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Online form software isn’t built with the requirements of an AGM in mind.

For example, to increase voter participation, we offer the option of sending your online ballot to more than one voter within an organization, automatically locking the ballot when one person votes. Try this with online form software and you’ll get duplicate votes. You also won’t be able to send automated follow-ups to those who haven’t voted. And your audit report won’t include the information you require as an association.

Our association is large, won’t our emails be seen as spam?

No matter how large your association is now or how fast it grows, our team of in-house email experts uses best-in-class tools and strategies to ensure deliverability is maximized. We can talk about this more during your demo.

Are your ballots mobile friendly?

Absolutely. Your ballot will look just as good across all devices.

I don't really have an issue with reaching a quorum — can I use this to conduct a vote for my members?

You can use Reach Quorum to elect board members and officers, approve or amend bylaws and whatever else your association’s members vote on. Voting is always simple — open an email, click a secure voting link, vote, and submit.

If you have questions we didn't cover, we'd be happy to answer them.